JRuby in the News

July 17 was a particularly big news day for JRuby. Three articles were posted, one in two places, on JRuby and the two core developers Tom and I. I present here a collection of articles and blogs that have particular significance to the Ruby+Java world.

Ruby for the Java world
Joshua Fox - JavaWorld - July 17, 2006

Joshua Fox provides a brief introduction to Ruby and demonstrates Ruby on Java using JRuby. Joshua corresponded with Tom and I about this article, and I think the end result turned out well.

Interview: JRuby Development Team
Pat Eyler - Linux Journal - July 17, 2006

Pat put together a great set of questions and we told all in this 3800-word interview. I'm awaiting the flames from my response to "What's next for Ruby".

Interviewing the JRuby Developers
Pat Eyler - O'Reilly Ruby - July 17, 2006

The same interview from above, trimmed for length and posted to the O'Reilly Network.

JRuby Leaves SourceForge for Greener Pastures at Codehaus
Obie Fernandez - July 17, 2006

Obie covers our move from SourceForge to Codehaus, quoting Tom and I venting our frustration over multiple downtimes (including the infamous week-long CVS outage right before JavaOne.

A Gem Of A Language for Java and .NET
Andy Patrizio - May 26, 2006

Andy released this article shortly after our JavaOne press conference appearance. He provides a good executive summary of Ruby, IronRuby, and JRuby.

Ugo Cei on Ruby/Java Integration

In addition, I was today pointed to Ugo Cei's series of blog postings on Ruby/Java integration. They're short, but give a good quick overview of what works and what doesn't. Covered topics include the Ruby/Java bridges RJB (worked, but looks cumbersome) and YAJB (did not work), JRuby (worked like gangbusters, naturally ;), and remoted Java code over XML-RPC (a fairly popular recommendation from Rubyists).

Part I - RJB part 1
Part II - RJB for a more complicated case
Part III - YAJB...OutOfMemory on a simple script
Part IV - JRuby, a great comparison to the second RJB posting
Part V - XML-RPC part 1
Part VI - XML-RPC part 2

Ugo will also be speaking at OSCON on Ruby for Java Programmers, which is great since our own proposal was rejected.

JRuby in the News

Our Codehaus page will track articles as they're published. If you know of good blog entries or articles we should include here, please let me know!
Written on July 18, 2006