JRuby Not to Appear at RubyConf 2006...

...and it's my fault!

So...I had the proposal all ready and in the RubyConf system. I got some feedback from Tom and could have pushed the "final submit" button at any time.

Then we got busy wrapping up the very-exciting 0.9.0 release, I got my dates mixed up and...well, enough excuses. I missed the deadline by *one day*, and the organizers stated that they ethically couldn't make an exception for me.

I'm pretty devastated. By RubyConf we were planning to have Rails working and performance vastly improved. It was to be a true "coming of age" for Ruby on the JVM, and I wanted to share that with the Ruby community at their definitive conference. Sadly, it is not to be.

If any readers are particularly interested in seeing JRuby present at RubyConf 2006, you might drop an email to the organizers and perhaps they'll change their minds.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to spend the rest of the day sulking.

  • John Lam (of the RubyCLR project) would like to see us at RubyConf 2006, and has offered to share his time (assuming his talk is accepted) if we can't sway the organizers. I'm still hoping there's a way to get our own presentation, but it's great to have backers out there pulling for us. Thanks John!
Written on July 2, 2006