Ola Bini: JRuby Goes Camping

Ola Bini on Java, Lisp, Ruby and AI

As part of his series of JRuby "howto" articles, Ola has put together an outstanding walkthrough for getting Camping running under JRuby. It has all the trimmings, including ActiveRecord over JDBC. It took surprisingly little work for us to support in JRuby. I made a few tricky interpreter fixes, and Ola solved some other good bugs, but ActiveRecord has been working since June. Ultimately it seems that a number of recent fixes made on my JRuby branch solved the last few problem, and we can now say JRuby supports Camping.

Thanks go to Ola for his ongoing contributions and again to Evan Buswell for his WEBrick-enabling NIO work in the past.

This is another very compelling application and use case for JRuby. Things are getting very exciting.
Written on August 17, 2006