JRuby Steps Into the Sun

It's going to be a big news day for JRuby :)

The two core JRuby developers, myself and Thomas Enebo, will become employees at Sun Microsystems this month. Our charge? You guessed it...we're being hired to work on JRuby full-time.

Perhaps some of you may have seen this one coming. For others, it may be a pleasant surprise.

The primary goal is to give JRuby the attention it really needs. The potential for Ruby on the JVM has not escaped notice at Sun, and so we'll be focusing on making JRuby as complete, performant, and solid as possible. We'll then proceed on to help build out broader tool support for Ruby, answering calls by many in the industry for a "better" or "smarter" Ruby development experience. I'm also making it a personal priority to continue growing the JRuby community, foster greater cooperation between the Java and Ruby worlds, and work toward a "whole-platform" Ruby-on-JVM strategy for Sun.

And yes, JRuby will remain as open source as it is today. It just might start moving a bit faster (as if it weren't moving fast already!)

You can imagine how excited I am about this opportunity, and how pleased I am to know that Sun takes Ruby so seriously. Not only will I get to work on the project I've poured my heart into this past year, but I'll be able to do it while helping one of my favorite companies turn a technological corner. Naturally I've been talking with a myriad of folks at Sun over the past several weeks, so believe me when I say these guys really get it. The tide has turned and dynamic languages are on everyone's agenda. It's going to be quite a ride.

Thanks very much to Tim Bray, who has proven a fearless advocate for Ruby and dynamic languages at Sun. Thanks also to Gilad Bracha, Neal Gafter, James Gosling, Peter von der Ahé, and others fighting to improve Java and make the Java platform a dynlang-friendly place. Thanks also to my Sun interviewers for their excellent, thoughtful questions and ideas about the future of JRuby and dynlangs on the JVM. I'm looking forward to working with you all.

And finally, thanks to all you who use, contribute to, and blog about JRuby. You're a huge part of this, and I want you all to join us on this great Ruby adventure. Community involvement has gotten JRuby where it is today, and community involvement is vital to making Ruby on the JVM a reality.

Updates: I'll list substantive news items and blog postings as they come in (and I'll let your RSS aggregators deliver the one-liner posts ;)

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Written on September 7, 2006