Java SE 6 Passes Final JCP Approval

Huzzah! Java 6 has been approved by the JCP. The final results on JSR 270 show that the voting was 13 for, none opposed, with three not voting. As I understand it, this is the final step toward officially releasing Java 6 to the masses.

Java 6 is really an incredible piece of software. Once again the Sun engineers have boosted performance--in some JRuby benchmarks by as much as 20%. Beyond that, they've include the first round of native platform scripting support in the form of JSR 223, a scripting API intended to replace and improve upon the Bean Scripting Framework. Java 6 also includes native support for Javascript in the form of Rhino, just about the fastest mainstream JavaScript engine available.

Honestly, give Java 6 a shot. I've been using it constantly because of the performance gains, and JRuby support for 223 is already available. This is the first Java release during my time at Sun, and I'm extremely proud to be a part of this team.
Written on November 8, 2006