Welcome Nick Sieger to the JRuby Team

The team has grown again! After I asked the JRuby community to nominate a new team member, based on past code, mailing list, documentation, or other contributions, a number of folks thought Nick Sieger would be a good addition. And we agreed.

Nick is the original author of the ActiveRecord-JDBC connector, and has done a lot of work wiring JRuby up with NanoContainer. He's been an active member of the mailing lists and you've probably all read his blog at some point...if only for his excellent summary posts from RubyConf 2006. Even better, Nick hails from the Minneapolis area like Tom and I, and we attend the same Ruby user group meetings with the Ruby Users of Minnesota.

We also expect Nick will bring his familiarity with Maven 2 and his professional experience leading both Java and Ruby-based projects. He's a good developer and a good leader to add to the team.

Hopefully this will also serve as a reminder that JRuby is a true Open Source project, and anyone with Ruby and/or Java experience can easily start helping out. The team and the community continue to grow, as does Ruby's potential on the JVM.

Welcome to the team, Nick!
Written on January 2, 2007