JRuby World Tour: Amsterdam

I'm now relaxing at Schiphol Airport, where I've just plunked down my 10 euros for internet access. After a light breakfast, my current task is now to ensure demos are ready and working for TechDays. I discovered a bit ago that the Rails Integration project uses maven to build, and so I need internet access for that first install command (to pull down required dependencies). I had worried a bit about finding internet access, but this connection appears to be pretty good. I've managed to build the Rails Integration module, and hopefully I'll be able to get Rails-in-a-WARfile working in the next few hours.

If I discover anything interesting in the process, I'll post it. From what I've observed, the rails-integration guys and Ashish have had lots of success lately.

If you happen to be at Schiphol before I depart at 11:55, I'm in Lounge 2 near the brasserie. I'm the one with the MacBook Pro, fighting jetlag and overlooking the concourse.

The next stop will be Hyderabad. My 11:55 flight departs from gate F8.

Update: I managed to get Rails up and running nicely in a WAR file. Huzzah! I'll play with it a bit on the plane and get our usual Rails demo to feed directly into "now we'll make it a WAR file". Thanks much to the rails-integration guys for putting together a really slick piece of work. Gotta love this whole open-source thing.

Side note: jet lag is a weird feeling. Right now it's 9:49 in Amsterdam and around 14:19 in Hyderabad, so I have to pretend it's mid-afternoon. My flight will board in about two hours, and toward the end of the flight I'll have to pretend it's evening and start getting a little sleep. It's quite unfortunate that I'm arriving in Hyderabad at 1:20AM on the day I'm presenting, but that's how it goes!
Written on February 20, 2007