JRuby: The T-Shirt!

Yes, I've managed to secure a small order of JRuby t-shirts for giveaway at JavaOne and RailsConf. And they're pretty sweet, have a look at the logo on the front:

And the back will have in white the words:

include Java

How cool is that? The logo was designed and contributed by "Liz" (Liz, let me know if you want me to post contact info or anything...great work) and arranged by Damian Steer, longtime JRuby contributor. I handled the legwork of arranging the shirts, and managed to secure a little funding to get them paid for.

So! How does one get one of these slicko t-shirts? Well, the first round of giveaways goes to folks who've made contributions in the past year. And by contributions I mean either patches or some serious research and legwork on a bug. Obviously there's a core group of folks that should automatically get shirts, so contact me about it if you think you qualify and I'll try to set one aside.

Otherwise...You've got the next week or two to fix a bug, post a patch, and otherwise make yourself useful to the JRuby project. I'm gonna be pretty strict on this...if you want the goods, you've got to help out. May is 1.0 cleanup time, with an RC coming out soon and hopefully a final not too long after. So if you'd been considering helping out, now's the time!

Visit the JRuby homepage, check out the JRuby bug tracker, and grab JRuby source. The details of contributing are linked from the front page of the JRuby wiki.

Update: Oh yeah...how will you get the shirts. The easiest way will be to hunt down Tom and I at the JRuby booth (in Sun's section) between 1PM and 3PM every day. We'll verify that you're not a slacker and make the arrangements. We're looking forward to meeting contributors in person. Otherwise, email me and we'll try to make other arrangements.

For RailsConf, I'll just have the shirts at the hotel, and we'll figure something out. Maybe I'll just bring the box to our training and session there.
Written on May 2, 2007