The Ever-Evolving JVM

John Rose, lead of the "invokedynamic" effort (Java Specification Request 292), has posted some exciting articles about the future of the JVM and a number of changes potentially for the next Java version. Among these is, of course, the dynamic invocation efforts, but these entries include information on non-local returns from closures, tail calls, and tuple support. I'm excited to have John as a co-worker and to be helping out the invokedynamic effort in my own small way by working on JRuby's compiler. John has also provided guidance on how to make a dynamic language fast on current JVMs, which has informed much of my compiler's design.

Check out his articles:

Longumps Considered Inexpensive
tail calls in the VM
tuples in the VM

It's going to be a fun year for language developers on the JVM!
Written on July 15, 2007