NetBeans Ruby Support is the BOMB

OMG NetBeans Ruby support is so awesome. I just picked up some of the recent dailies, and it does stuff I just can't believe. But don't take my word for it.

Today I stumbled back into the NetBeans Ruby Wiki, expecting to just find the same old "how to download", "how to install", and "how to build" instructions. Instead I find a nicely-organized set of pages describing (with screenshots!) all of the really awesome features.

Refactoring? Check. Debugging? Check. YAML and RHTML editing? Check. Test running? Check.

It just goes on and on.

If you haven't given it a try, and you're a Ruby programmer, you owe it to yourself to check it out. And if you ph34r a gigantic IDE download with support for Java and UML and BPEL and other stuff you'll never used, there's a Ruby-only IDE available too; check the Installation page. Incredible.

Direct links to feature pages:
Written on August 14, 2007