JRuby 1.1 on Rails: More Performance Previews

Nick Sieger, a Sun coworker and fellow JRuby core team member, has posted the results of benchmarking his team's large Rails-based project on MRI and the codebase soon to be released as JRuby 1.1 (trunk). Read it here:

JRuby on Rails: Fast Enough

Now there's a couple things I get out of this post:
  1. JRuby on Rails is starting, at least for this app, to surpass MRI + Mongrel for simple serial-request benchmarks. And this a week before the 1.1 beta release and all the continuing performance enhancements we know are still out there. I think we're gonna make it, folks. If this continues, there's no doubt in my mind JRuby 1.1 will run Rails fastest.
  2. JRuby on Rails will perform at least as well as MRI + Mongrel for the app Nick and his teammates are building. Several months ago they committed to eventually deploying on JRuby, and if you knew what I know about this app, you'd know why that scared the dickens out of me. But I'm glad the team had faith in JRuby and the JRuby community, and I'm glad we've been able to deliver.
I hope we're approaching a time when people believe that JRuby is the real deal--an excellent choice for running Rails now and potentially the best choice in the near future. There's always more work to do, but it's good to see the effort paying off.

Give it a try today, why not?
Written on October 25, 2007