Tab Sweep November 28

WiiHear - Streaming audio for the Wii. Very cool. It was a little spotty for me, but your results may be better. And in related news: Super Mario Galaxy is the best Mario ever. I'll post a review later.

Easy(?) JRuby bugs from Rubinius specs - Vladimir Sizikov has been contributing new/fixed specs to Rubinius while running all the specs against JRuby. He's reported several new bugs as a result, which could potentially be easy API edge cases. Give them a shot. I'll try to post an "easy bug round-up" soon too.

File IO in Different Languages
- A quick comparison of (very) basic file I/O in TCL, Python, PHP, Ruby, Groovy, Scala, and JavaScript. The poster then goes on to compare startup times for the Java implementations of these languages, showing an area JRuby has some issues (slowest startup time, at around 1.6s). We know about the problem, and hopefully NailGun plus other improvements in the future will help. Largely, it's a JVM issue; classes are slow to load and verify, and we create literally hundreds of tiny classes.

Minneapolis - I live in Richfield, an "urban suburb" of Minneapolis (often dubbed Minneapolis Junior), but I generally just say I'm from Minneapolis, since most people recognize it. The Wikipedia article on Minneapolis is excellent (as is the one on the Twin Cities area). A few choice facts:
  • Minneapolis has more per-capita theater seats than any US city other than New York
  • The Twin Cities is one of the warmest places in Minnesota, with an average annual temperature of 45.4 ºF. Monthly average daily high temperatures range from 21.9 °F (-5.6 °C) in January to 83.3 °F (28.5 °C) in July; the average daily minimum temperatures for the two months are 4.3 °F (-15.4 °C) and 63.0 °F (17 °C) respectively. So it gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer, not too hot nor too cold. It's nice to have four seasons.
  • Every home in Minneapolis is no more than six blocks away from a wooded park. In the summer, Minneapolis from the air looks like a bunch of skyscrapers surrounded by a bed of trees.
It's a nice place to live. I'd be hard pressed to find somewhere better.

Oniguruma Regular Expression Syntax version 5.6 - This is the library Marcin ported. I believe all of this is supported in Joni. Of course we wrap it so normal Ruby regular expressions work exactly as they would under Ruby 1.8, but Marcin will release Joni as a standalone library too.

Dr. Nic Installs Mingle with Capistrano - A nice walkthrough.

JavaPolis 2007 - I will be attending and co-presenting a JRuby/NetBeans tutorial with Brian Leonard and a JRuby/Rails session with Ola Bini. Only two weeks and I'll be in the land of beer, chocolate, and diamonds.

acts_as_conference 2007 - I will be attending and presenting something JRubyish and Railsy. Perhaps my last Rails presentation before handing such things off to people who actually know Rails? This conference also wins my vote for "most cumbersome title".

RailsConf 2008 CFP - I haven't decided if I plan to present anything this year. There are many, many other folks doing real-world JRuby on Rails work that could probably do a better job.

FOSDEM 2008 - I have been invited and will be attending. Back to the land of beer, chocolate and diamonds.
Written on November 28, 2007