Jython's Back, Baby!

Well it's been a long hard slog for the Jython team. Once thought dead, they seemed to pick up steam more and more over the past year. They got out a long awaited 2.2 release and started to work on many missing 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5 features. They started tackling new parsers and compilers. They spoke with me and other folks at Sun about the future of dynamic languages on the JVM. And above all, they've been working their asses off, having sprints and codefests and hacking away on every corner of Jython.

It looks like their hard work is paying off. Jim Baker reports that they have successfully run Django on Jython. They're using bleeding edge revisions of both Jython and Django, and there's a bit more work to be done, but hey, lots of folks thought it would be impossible. Haven't we heard that somewhere before?

Hats off to whole Jython team and their obviously excellent community for making this a reality. This is just the beginning!
Written on January 4, 2008