JRuby Pre-RailsConf Hackfest on Thursday

Hey there JRubyists and JRubyists-to-be...if you're planning to be in Portland the evening of Thursday, May 29, there's going to be a sponsored JRuby hackfest for you!

The event is going to be at the McMenamins Brewpub/Restaurant at the Kennedy School. We'll have a room set aside for around 40ish people, so please RSVP via email or comments. There will be a taco bar and beers/beverages provided!

JRuby Hackfest!
Thursday, May 29, 6:30PM - whenever
McMenamins at the Kennedy School
5736 N.E. 33rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97211

We're pushing this event as a real hackfest, so bring your laptops and apps you are running or want to run on JRuby. At least Tom Enebo, Nick Sieger, Ola Bini and I will be there, so we'll probably be able to get you up and running. Otherwise, if you don't have an app, stop by and we'll give you a walkthrough of JRuby and maybe there will be a bug or piece of code you can help out with.

I want to thank LinkedIn for initiating this event...Tom and I and the other JRubyists are too busy to set these sorts of things up, so it's great to have community members take this initiative. LinkedIn is also sponsoring, along with Joyent and Sun Microsystems.

Remember, please RSVP in comments or by email so we can get an idea of headcount. And if you have any suggestions for things you'd like to see or hear about or work on at the 'fest, let us know!
Written on May 22, 2008