Missed RubyConf? Attend Qcon's Ruby Track!

This year, RubyConf reportedly reduced their attendee cap to 250 people (Update: actually 450 people), after hosting a 500 to 600-person conference last year. As you can imagine, this meant a lot of people that wanted to attend were not able to get tickets. To complicate matters, the RubyConf registration site happened to go live during the middle of the night EU time, and by the time most Europeans woke up it was already sold out. What's a Rubyist to do?

Well there's another option. Working with Ryan Slobojan of InfoQ and the organizers of Qcon San Francisco, I'll be hosting a one-day Ruby track the day before RubyConf! Qcon's main conference runs Wednesday through Friday, with my track on Wednesday, November 18th.

And now the REALLY good news! Because we wanted this to be a fallback for folks that could not attend RubyConf, we realized that the full conference fee was simply too high (ranging from $1500 up). So to make it possible for people to attend just the one day Ruby track, you can register with the code "rubywednesday" to get a drastically reduced $350 one-day conference pass. And to sweeten the deal even more, you can pop over to other tracks and attend the keynotes that day. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

Those of you attending RubyConf are also welcome to attend this one-day track as well; most of the presentations won't overlap. Here's the lineup, including a special opening presentation by Yukihiro Matsumoto himself!

10:20 - "The Many Facets of Ruby" track opening by me
Ruby has seen a dramatic growth in popularity over the last few years, and there are now many facets to the Ruby story - multiple implementations, game-changing web frameworks, and large-scale use in enterprise solutions. Join us as we explore many aspects of Ruby in today's world.

10:30 - "Why we love Ruby?" by Yukihiro Matsumoto
Why we love Ruby? I have asked myself this question repeatedly. In this presentation, I will disclose my answer as of 2009. The keyword is QWAN.

11:45 - "Basking in the Limelight" by Paul Pagel
Limelight is Ruby on the desktop. Build applications with multiple windows, or just one window. Take control of the desktop, or play nicely with the desktop. Create fun animated games, or productive business apps. Develop rich internet applications, or unwired apps to make you rich. Publish your apps on the internet, or keep them for you and your friends. Do all this, writing nothing but Ruby code, in Limelight.

13:45 - "You've Got Java in my Ruby" by Thomas Enebo
JRuby is now well-established as a popular alternative implementation of Ruby.But why would you want to use it? How can it help you? This talk will detail some of the more interesting differences and advantages of using JRuby. Expect to get a better understanding of how Java makes a faster and more stable Ruby as well as how you can leverage Java features as an extra set of tools for your project.

15:00 - "Rails 3" by Yehuda Katz
I don't have a full abstract for this, but it's what you might expect...an overview of why Rails 3 is really "growing up" the framework, making it more clearly componentized and easier to adapt to more complicated (dare I say "enterprise") applications in the future. In working with Yehuda I know he's also paid special attention to performance.. Rails 3 is going to be excellent.

16:30 - "Rails in the Large: How Agility Allows Us to Build One of the World's Biggest Rails Apps" by Neal Ford
While others have been debating whether Rails can scale to enterprise levels, we've been demonstrating it. ThoughtWorks is running one of the largest Rails projects in the world, for an Enterprise. This session discusses tactics, techniques, best practices, and other things we've learned from scaling rails development. I discuss infrastructure, testing, messaging, optimization, performance, and the results of lots of lessons learned, including killer rock-scissors-paper tricks to help you avoid babysitting the view tests!

I think it's going to an outstanding track, and I'd probably pay the $350 just to see Matz speak if I knew I wouldn't get another chance for a long time. Limelight looks like an outstanding way to build rich client apps using JRuby, and of course you know I like JRuby. Tom will show some of the latest advancements we've done in JRuby, including the ability to produce "real" Java classes at runtime for integrating with Java frameworks better. Rails 3 I've described above, but you really have to see Yehuda present it himself. And of course everyone would like to know how to scale Rails to the moon...Neal knows his stuff.

Here's the track page: The Many Facets of Ruby

And the full conference schedule for Wednesday.

And finally, the registration page (don't forget to use code "rubywednesday").

I really hope to see you all there, so you can get your Ruby conference fix this fall. Tell your friends and let me know if you have any questions!
Written on October 31, 2009